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Garden to Table is changing the way children think about food

The Garden to Table programme is changing the way children approach and think about food. All around the country, we want to see children enthusiastically getting their hands dirty and learning how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food.

Established in 2008, Garden to Table now works with thousands of primary-school-aged children all across New Zealand, helping them discover a love for fresh food and skills that will last a lifetime. The programme is curriculum-integrated and provides real-world learning opportunities, taking learning outside the classroom.

Please explore our website to find out more about Garden to Table.

Introducing the Ten Million Meals Project

What if every primary school in New Zealand had one year level taking part in Garden to Table?

The simple answer is that students all over New Zealand would grow, harvest, prepare, share and enjoy 10 Million garden-inspired Meals, each and every year.

This is what we hope to achieve over the next five years, with your help. Not only will children eat fresh, nourishing food each week, but they will also learn skills that will last a lifetime. We strongly believe that Garden to Table can be part of a sustainable, exciting future, focused on the health and wellbeing of our young people.

Introducing a new Garden to Table Partner: CareSaver.

You may have seen in the news yesterday that a new KiwiSaver scheme has recently partnered with NZ charities to help make a world of difference. We’re proud to say that Garden to Table is one of these charities. CareSaver KiwiSaver Scheme is a KiwiSaver Scheme with an ethical focus. You may find this offers you a KiwiSaver Scheme that shares your values.  To benefit NZ charities, Pathfinder Asset Management Limited (which is the issuer of the CareSaver KiwiSaver Scheme) will donate 20% of their management fees from CareSaver to charities like Garden to Table and investors can choose which charity they would like to receive their donations. To select us as your charity, all you do is nominate Garden to Table as your chosen charity in the application form if you switch to CareSaver.


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Root to Tip is back for 2019!

We are delighted to announce that, with the support of Rabobank, Root to Tip will once again see kiwi kids cooking up a storm in 2019!  The competition is open to all year 5 and 6 students in NZ, with entries opening soon! Working in teams of two, they design two dishes with a focus on seasonality and reducing food waste, using vegetables all the way from their root to their tip!

Great prizes are up for grabs including $1000 in a Rabobank NoticeSaver account for each of the two overall winners! Along the way children will have a chance to get creative in the kitchen and cook their dishes alongside great kiwi chefs all around New Zealand.

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"Be with a Tree" and make a fruit crumble!

This year Garden to Table is collaborating with Forest & Bird's Kiwi Conservation Club as a partner in their 'Be With A Tree' promotion, which runs from 31 May-9 June. There is a series of 10 tree-related challenges for kids to complete over the 10 day period: https://kcc.org.nz/be-with-a-tree/.  Our challenge is to find a tree that provides us with food, and make a fruit crumble. Hopefully that and some of the other challenges will prompt great conversations with children about where they might find particular kinds of trees at school, around their neighbourhood (in backyards, parks or the bush), or further afield in places like orchards or botanic gardens.

We encourage everyone to embrace these challenges to #bewithatree next month!  Click to view  a new fruit crumble recipe which Garden to Table has produced for this promotion.  Enjoy!

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Thank you to our National Partners

We would like to thank our National Partners for their ongoing support of both the Trust, and the schools we support. Your partnership is invaluable.