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Garden to Table is changing the way children think about food

The Garden to Table programme is changing the way children approach and think about food. All around the country, we want to see children enthusiastically getting their hands dirty and learning how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food.

Established in 2008, Garden to Table Trust is a registered charity (CC37743) that works with thousands of primary-school-aged children all across New Zealand, helping them discover a love for fresh food and skills that will last a lifetime. The programme is curriculum-integrated and provides real-world learning opportunities, taking learning outside the classroom.

Please explore our website to find out more about Garden to Table.

Congratulations to Tsion and Rebecca! 2019 Winners of Rabobank Root to Tip

The nervous excitement was tangible as the fizzing finalists set up their kitchen spaces at the 2019 National Finals of the Rabobank Root to Tip cooking competition. After weeks of practice, 12 teams of primary school students from across New Zealand had travelled to Weltec in Wellington, to cook for some of New Zealand’s top food judges and try for the title at the 2019 Rabobank Root to Tip competition. A true masterclass of how to make the most of fresh New Zealand food, the Garden to Table-led contest, held at Weltec in Wellington on Friday 23rd August, was the chance for 12 teams of primary school students in Years 5 and 6 from the length and breadth of New Zealand to show what they could do with fresh, seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, leaving little or no waste at the end.

Handmade ravioli, volcanic vege roast, butternut crisps, kumara “bangy burgers”, vegetable masala and fresh dumplings; apple bombs, creamy rhubarb and kiwifruit ice cream, and self-saucing beetroot chocolate puddings were among the 24 dishes dreamed up by the primary school students who had travelled from as far as Northland and Invercargill for the competition.

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Pre-order Bounty: Cooking with Vegetables, supporting Garden to Table

We have some exciting news - we are launching our own cookbook in November! Our co-founder and chairperson Catherine Bell has written a cookbook in honour of our 10th birthday and to raise funds for Garden to Table. Bounty is a beautifully designed and photographed book all about cooking and growing vegetables. More than a recipe book, each chapter focuses on a specific vegetable group and contains a plethora of reliable hints and tips for growing vegetables at home. There are 80 inspired, approachable and delicious recipes, each one photographed and ranging from snacks and starters to sides, salads, main dishes and even some baking. A perfect opportunity to order now and have your books personally signed by Catherine and delivered in November - ideal for Christmas gifts.

Scattered throughout are practical and encouraging facts and suggestions aimed at making growing and cooking both easy and fun plus you’ll find lots of lovely images of our schools long with quotes from some of Garden to Table's heroes. Ambassadors Al Brown, Niki Bezzant and Dan Mackay also generously share their thoughts and wisdom.

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Introducing a new Garden to Table Partner: CareSaver.

You may have seen in the news yesterday that a new KiwiSaver scheme has recently partnered with NZ charities to help make a world of difference. We’re proud to say that Garden to Table is one of these charities. CareSaver KiwiSaver Scheme is a KiwiSaver Scheme with an ethical focus. You may find this offers you a KiwiSaver Scheme that shares your values.  To benefit NZ charities, Pathfinder Asset Management Limited (which is the issuer of the CareSaver KiwiSaver Scheme) will donate 20% of their management fees from CareSaver to charities like Garden to Table and investors can choose which charity they would like to receive their donations. To select us as your charity, all you do is nominate Garden to Table as your chosen charity in the application form if you switch to CareSaver.


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Thank you to our National Partners

We would like to thank our National Partners for their ongoing support of both the Trust, and the schools we support. Your partnership is invaluable.