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Our Kaupapa

Our Vision: Skills based food education is available to every New Zealand child

Our Purpose:

We are driven by a vision of Aotearoa where our tamariki and communities are healthy, empowered and resilient through their ability to access good food. Our purpose is to empower children with a love of good, fresh food and the skills they need to grow and prepare it, that will have a transformative and lifelong impact on their health and wellbeing.

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Our Principles:

  1. Empowered and Resilient Students: We teach our students how to sustainably grow, harvest, prepare and share good food.
  2. Everyday Environmentalism: We help students embrace the circular nature of the food system, respect for the environment and sustainable practise that becomes part of their everyday behaviour.
  3. Real-world Education: We build self-worth and mana in our students by giving them opportunities to apply their skills to solve real problems relevant to their lives and communities.
  4. Respect for cultural diversity: We acknowledge and promote food as a universal language that can break down barriers and support community cohesion.
  5. Community Connectedness: We promote and empower local communities supporting local communities. 
  6. Te Tiriti o Waitangi: We acknowledge the significant importance of Te Tiriti and help our children connect with the practices of mana whenua (people of the land) by promoting the core values of manaakitanga (respecting people and relationships), kaitiakitanga (being an active steward over land, people) and wero (acknowledge challenges to pursue excellence) as an inherent part of their citizenship of Aotearoa. 

Garden to Table Annual Reports:

Garden to Table Audited Financial Statements 2019

Garden to Table Audited Financial Statements 2018

Garden to Table Audited Financial Statements 2017

Garden to Table Charitable Trust is a Registered Charity, CC37743