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The Trust

The Garden to Table Trust was established in 2008 to facilitate a programme in New Zealand focused on developing and introducing a curriculum linked Food Education Programme, and established its first three Garden to Table schools in Auckland, in 2009.

The Trust recognises that many children are disconnected from nature and their food supply, do not recognise common vegetables and know little or nothing about where food comes from or how to cook it. By connecting 'grow, harvest, prepare and share' as a theme of delivery, the programme is designed to be delivered as highly practical, child centric classes - not only teaching gardening and cooking skills, but also building awareness of individual and collective responsibility for the environment, healthy eating and community connectedness.

The Trust is confident this programme, which was originally inspired by the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program established in Melbourne, Australia in 2001, will greatly benefit the children of New Zealand well beyond the obvious positive learning, social and health outcomes.

The role of the Trust, with a small team based around the country, is to provide skills, support and inspiration to schools to assist them in implementing and delivering Garden to Table. We work with supporters, suppliers, volunteers and donors to develop resources and networks to support the work of the schools.