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The Seed Fund

Helping Garden to Table Grow

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We would like to invite you, if you are able, to become an inaugural member of The Seed Fund.

The Seed Fund is a group of 100 individuals, organisations and businesses who have chosen to contribute financially to support the work of the Garden to Table Trust.

By working together to cover basic overheads (rent, internet and website fees, insurance, computers and print cartridges, for example), we free the staff and volunteers who work at Garden to Table from time-consuming applications for grant funding, allowing them to focus on the work that really matters such as helping even more students and schools, developing new resources to support work in the classroom, garden and kitchen, and collaborating with other organizations all over New Zealand so we can work together provide a sustainable, integrated and exciting solution to childhood obesity.

How The Seed Fund works:

Limited to 100 participants, each member of the Seed Fund donates $100 per month to support the work of Garden to Table (less than the cost of a daily flat white, at $3.50 per day).

Seed Funders are acknowledged as a Founding Member of The Seed Fund (unless you request otherwise), regularly invited to schools to see Garden to Table in action, and to an annual Seed Fund event where you can meet other Seed Funders, the Garden to Table Team and Board. From time to time we will extend offers from our wonderful school suppliers and keep you fully up to date with activities at the Trust.

Why Now?

Childhood obesity is an increasing health issue in New Zealand, with 1 in 9 children aged between 2 and 14 identified as obese. The World Health Organisation's Report of the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity has identified a comprehensive food education programme as part of a sustainable solution.

We are sure you generously support other charities and organizations, and we would not be asking for your support if we didn’t truly believe that Garden to Table has a significant and sustainable role to play in equipping our children with the skills to live healthier, happier futures.

We have huge interest from schools in the Garden to Table programme and we want to support as many schools as we can as they develop their own kitchen garden programme. Your financial support will help to make this possible.

“Our productive vegetable gardens and kitchen become part of the children’s everyday school experience. Here they learn the skills of a lifetime, and discover just how rewarding it is to grow, cook and share their own vegetables.

One of the pleasures of Garden to Table is seeing children passing around plates of delicious food they have prepared themselves. Our children delight in the opportunity to show visitors around the garden during open days and school events. Their pride in Garden to Table shines through particularly on these occasions.”

~ Eddie Norgate, Principal.

Next Steps:

Joining the Seed Fund is simple. Please download the donation form, complete it, return it to us and we'll be in touch. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please tick the 'Please don't publish my details' box on the form.