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Profile: Liz Drummond - Seed Funder and Volunteer

Tuesday, June 02, 2020   |   Linda Taylor

Liz Drummond discovered Garden to Table through the One Percent Collective in 2014 and has become a valued member of the Garden to Table community as both a volunteer and Seed Funder - part of Garden to Table's family of regular donors. Here is her story:  "I volunteer at Cardinal McKeefry School in Wilton. I am general minion to our 'Garden Guy' John McCrystal, we tag team between each other doing our best to get at least some of the 'to-do' list each week done. Typically, with guidance from Bridget (class teacher) to keep things under control.  It has always been important to me to 'give back'; I know I am incredibly lucky to have the family & start in life that I did. This includes emigrating to Aotearoa New Zealand when I was a baby, so that we could have a safer & more settled life. I feel so grateful & lucky that I get to call Aotearoa home but was getting increasingly concerned about the growing gap in well-being between different groups of New Zealanders. So, I wanted to put at least a bit of my good fortune - time & money - where my mouth is and do something to contribute toward a different mindset.

There is so much about what GTT does that is beneficial to the practical & mental well-being of the people it involves. The practical skills being taught about how to grow/harvest/prepare food are obvious examples, but the sense of purpose/community & belonging it creates from doing - and sharing - these lessons as a group are also fantastic. I just love that GTT has such an immense 'ripple effect' in terms of the lessons and skills being transferred from schools into homes & communities. It makes my heart sing.  The lessons being taught about the relationship between food, nutrition & physical/emotional well-being are vital ones. And the impact it has on kids wanting to cook, taste and eat such a wide range of fresh vegetables is phenomenal. There is a real sense of pride & achievement in the children from completing tasks that have real and practical benefits.


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