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What Are The Results?

Feedback from Garden to Table schools


"Our productive vegetable gardens and kitchen become part of the children's everyday school experience. Here they learn the skills of a lifetime, and discover just how rewarding it is to grow, cook and share their own vegetables.

One of the pleasures of the programme is seeing children passing around plates of delicious food they have prepared themselves. Our children delight in the opportunity to show visitors around the garden during open days and school events. Their pride in the programme shines through particularly on these occasions."

- Eddie Norgate, Principal, Diamond Harbour Primary School


"Being a parent helper for GTT is genuinely rewarding. Watching the kids gain new skills that promote health and sustainability is great in itself, but has also seen us build our own vege garden at home and take pride and enjoyment in eating what we produce.

I can honestly say that my daughters have learnt so much and had their eyes opened to not only the possibility of producing your own vegetables and eating healthily but also good habits around sustainability and recycling. I'm convinced that learning has improved as a direct result of learning outside of the classroom too."

- Andrew Stringer, parent helper 


"The curriculum areas that this programme can lend itself to are extensive. There are so many learning opportunities to be had outside the classroom now. Children are able to make inquiries about all sorts of things such as the compost and how it works; understanding what type of insects are helpful in the garden and which ones are not, knowing how to organically rid our gardens of certain pests, finding out about sourcing fair trade products for cooking - spices etc - questions like, where do the spices we use come from and how are they used in our cooking. The list goes on.

One of the most worthwhile programmes a school could invest in."

- Hunia Williams, Environment lead teacher, Cannons Creek School

Confidence and Participation

"The kitchen and garden both provide a very 'level playing field' for students. In these two environments, so different from the traditional classroom environment, different children's strengths and confidence emerge. Cannons Creek have the lowest absenteeism of their students on the day Garden to Table runs. Social skills also develop in these two environments - team work, collaboration, working with adult volunteers and sharing a communal meal at the end of each session. The communal meal and the children taking turns at 'front of house' is very rewarding for both the children and adults."

- Dr Anna Ferguson