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Partners & Supporters

The programme works through support at a local level with the schools, and local and national level for the development of resources and support for the Trust. Our thanks to the tireless work by the principals, teachers and specialists who open their classes to visitors and showcase the marvellous things that are happening in their schools.

Our Partners

T&G Global

MediaWorks Foundation


The Warehouse Foundation

Trust Operations
Financial Support -
For operational costs and development of curriculum and programme resources

Air Liquide Foundation

Almighty Juice

Auckland Community Trust

Business World Travel


COGS Grants*

Endeavour Community Foundation

Fiesta Bulbs

Garden Design Fest (Newmarket Rotary)

Grassroot Giving Fund


Lottery Grants Board


One Percent Collective

Pub Charity

Rata Foundation

Scarlet Trust

Southern Trust

The True Honey Company

The Warehouse

TJ McCarthy Trust

T&G Global

And supporters nationally and internationally
Goods and Services





Connected Accountants

NZ Post

Pead PR

Special Group

Garden to Table Schools
Financial Support

Air Liquide Foundation

Auckland Council

Bill Brown Trust

Grassroots Giving Fund

Healthy Future Families Trust

J McLaughlin Trust

Wellington City Council

Goods and Services

Fiesta Bulbs

Living Earth


The Warehouse

The True Honey Company

Tui Products

And volunteers and community support throughout New Zealand

*2016 COGS Grants include: Far North, Auckland, Waitakere, Manukau, Whiteria, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Canterbury