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Support Our Work

Our vision is to improve the food literacy of New Zealand children. Individuals, social groups, small businesses and corporates can all play a part in working toward this vision.

Donations will allow us to continue our work with our Garden to Table programme in schools, and to identify other opportunities to raise awareness and work with others.

You can:

  • Provide practical help - such as volunteering in schools who are delivering gardening and cooking programmes, providing goods and services to these schools to help them develop their resources, and as simply as setting an example and challenging friends and family to follow by growing and cooking your own vegetables, and sharing your endeavours online.
  • Support those who support us. We are privileged to engage with a huge range of supporters, suppliers and partners - they provide funding, goods and services, advice and networks both for the Trust operations and for those who are delivering practical hands-on sessions for our children.
  • Talk to those in the education, health and environmental sectors...challenge their thinking in order to develop a national policy around food literacy. Support locally and provide practical support for those in your community working in this sector.
  • Support and facilitate those doing research - to illustrate short and long term outcomes of a food literacy programme such as this - health outcomes (reducing obesity but increasing vegetable intake), education outcomes (better attendance, educational outcomes because of improved diet, practical teaching of maths and science through integration with a practical programme), social outcomes (cultural awareness, ESOL implications, team work) and environmental outcomes (changes in recycling patterns, increased planting). Anecdotal evidence is mounting and we now need clear evidential results.

Contact us about the idea you have and how you think you can help!